Nowo protects the privacy of visitors and the trust of our users is our most valuable asset.
Here we explain how we collect and use cookies and how we protect users’ privacy in connection with this. uses cookies and by using the website you agree to our use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer to identify your browser or to store information or settings in your browser.

We use cookies for marketing and market research, including demographic studies, so that we can optimize and customize the quality of our services for you. Furthermore, cookies are used to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics to understand how users use the website, which helps us to improve its structure and content.

Cookies used on
There are three types of cookies on the website:

– Long-term cookies, i.e. cookies that save a file for a longer period of time on your computer. Long-term cookies are used, for example, with functions that describe which information is new since you last visited the website. How long the cookie remains on your device depends on the lifetime of the specific cookie and your browser’s settings.

– Session cookies, i.e. cookies that are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory while you visit a website and when you browse around a page. Session cookies are used, for example, to determine which language you have selected. When you leave a website, the session cookies used are deleted.

– Third-party cookies, i.e. cookies belonging to domains other than those displayed in the address bar. Third-party cookies open up possibilities to track the user’s browsing history.

More about third-party cookies that are used

Google Analytics

Nowo uses the tool “Google Analytics” to collect information about the use of the website. Google Analytics collects information about how often a user visits the website and which other websites the user has previously visited. Nowo uses the information to improve the website’s technical performance, to optimize the performance of website functions, to improve your experience of the website, to better adapt the website to your preferences and needs, and to make the website easier to use.

Google Analytics collects the IP address assigned to you on the day of the visit to the website. Nowo does not combine the information collected using Google Analytics with other personal data. Google’s ability to use and share information about your visits to our website collected by Google Analytics is governed by the Google Analytics Terms, which can be found at and Google’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Remove cookies
You can revoke your consent to cookies at any time by changing the settings in your browser. You can choose in your browser’s settings that you are either warned as soon as a cookie is sent to your computer, or you can create a main rule which means that cookies are blocked.

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